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If you didn't see the Jerry Reinsdorf $140 million package to acquire the Phoenix Coyots falling apart and the NHL assuming the bid, you must have been asleep at the switch.  The Toronto Beavers called this months ago when the Balsillie takeover went public.  It appears the NHL owners and board of govenors stand in solidarity but it bucks the court of public opinion and hockey fans through Southern Ontario.
Said Smashing Pumpkins front man on the success of Guitar Hero, "It's classic.  It's unbelievable.  Because they (record companies) don't control it, they want top stop it."  Billy Corgan on The Hour (CBC). 
In fairness to Gary Bettman and his owners, we understand a reluctance to walk out on a franchise in trouble.  As a last resort, it's also understandable the league would want to secure as much $ as possible via an expansion snenario for one of the premier future locations; however, we cannot assume this is an option moving forward.  The league does not communicate with any type of disclosure or transperancy.  It's Dick Cheney and Mark McGuire territory.
At Canada's Olympic camp Coyotes captain Shane Doan said it, "caught a lot of people by surprise ... a lot of players by surprise."


Pierre Thomas
if you work the mag circuit
"You a slave in the page of my rhyme book." Nas
If this was a draft day, Clinton Portis would be dropping faster than Brady Quinn and a bad haricut.  Redskins WR Santana Moss will have a couple of ginat games and then disappear like Chris Cooley with Backsteet Boys tickets.


Sample DJ Krush (cerebral)
Sometimes the superlatives thrown about in golf like hallowed,........ is enough to make you flip the switch.  Suppose watching golf for 5 hours X 4 days makes even a astute analyst like Johnny Miller sound like a windbag.
Whether you're a fan of Tom Watson or not, you had to be cutting Sunday School to watch the devastating run by what could have been the oldest Major championship winner at 59 in history.  This hot after a hip replacement (October 08) and a wonky putting stroke that has followed him for years despite precision ball striking.  Said Watson on his putter, "every now and then it works."  Watson's rival Jack Nickalus won the Masters at 48.  "Anyone who loves golf loves Tom Watson said fellow tour pro and Open champion (British) Paul McGuinley. 
Golfing is by nature an arrogant sport.  When even the most pitiful of golfers and hack artists young and old tee it up in pursuit of the perfect shot.  But on some days golf really can be that spiritual experience.  The cool breeze is just right moving your ball from left to right or right to left.  Or the water greenside is like glass.  If you're lucky a "quiet" storm moves in as you hustle to finish up at 18.  The fescue dances.  And the rocks an immoveable force that makes everything look more intriguing.  Links golf gives you the greatest chance for such an experience.  Curtis Strange called Turnberry "surreal, beautiful, and diabolical."
Words like these or majestic, hallowed, and cerebral are often dilluted during the 4 day jag of a regular tour event or even a Major but not on this particular weekend. In fairness to a broadcasting team, it's their job to "slurp" 
The Masters is pretentious with it's tinkling piano riffs and sweeping strings, the U.S. open is flat out torture, and the PGA completes the Majors as best it can.  If you're into world domination then you're probably a Tiger fan who
Tiger didn't make the cut at Turnberry.  Almost as unlikely as Watson's runner up finish.   If not for an overjuiced iron shot at 18 that skidded through the back of the green, Watson probably could have 2 putted for victory.  Although countless other golfers made the same mistake. 
Harrison Schmidt (geoligist/astronaut)
orange soil volcanic material that suggests the Moon
world domination
formed by giant impact, asteroid
 I don't think that the data from the orange soil supports that. So we're in a bit of controversy about that.
“I think having a non democratic regime dominant in space would be disastrous for human liberty here on earth, but that’s a decision that this country is going to have to face here very shortly,” Schmitt said.
YE Yang
Ross Fischer
private jet on standby
"feel that there's something more here ... and it's pretty overwhelming
hip replaced in October
"feeling the shot, it's a lost art
Tom's rhythm/waggle
"old people don't sleep very much."
If you know Tom you know he doesn't like to pay full pop
not like a lot of professional athletes like to pay ful pop
like parody, like challengers
Tiger world domination
raw deal when Jim Brown threw Woods under the bus attacking his conscious contributions to society or the black community.  The following weekend at Tiger's tournement, kids under the age of 14 got in free.
the domination that Watson displays as the greatest links golfer in history
this would be 6 majors
"Anybody who loves golf loves Tom Watson."  Paul McGuinley
something about relating the U.S. Space Program China and the collpase of humankind.  Take it easy.  You lost me.
250 solo missions
300 climb Mount Everest per year
Zach Sunderland
Stewart Cink won the golf tournement by the way and Sergio wasn't wearing head to toe pastel yellow.


Sample Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd
WELCOME TO THE MACHINE - Roger Federer Breaks Sampras' Record with 15 Slams
1. Wimbledon
2. Brooklyn Decker/NHL
3. Hitler
4. Tiger
5. The Williams Sisters & Cdn. Daniel Nestor
It would be disrespectful to begin with the stunning Brooklyn Decker before mentioning an epic and historic 5 set Wimbledon Final between the machine Roger Federer and Decker's all American husband Andy Roddick.  The analysts gave Roddick a "punchers chance" to begin the morning after posting a dismal 2-18 record against Federer but by lunch (our time) this fight would be going the distance, a 4 hour and 16 minute marathon that ended with Federer eclipsing Pete Sampras' 14 major titles.  Both players showed superb
What began as a potential asterik beside his record because Federer would not be playing his real rival Rafael Nadal ended up a forgotten storyline.  Roddick broke serve twice and had a shot to go up 2 sets early when he framed 2 gimmies at the net which would have put significantly more pressure on the champ.  Federer didn't break Roddick until the 30th game in the 5th set.  Roddick gave Federer everything he could handle, looks capable of challenging in future slams, and was gracious and funny in defeat.  Federer's 50 aces and impossible resolve was the difference.
"Sorry Pete - I tried to hold him off." - Roddick
No doubt Federer will go down as the greatest of all time irregardless of era for a devastating body of work.  At 27, let's hope he wins one more slam against Nadal on healthy knees that turns a potential asterik into an exclamation.


A friend
39 million watched the NFL draft
prime time
Thurs, Friday, Saturday televised


Have to admit when you watch New York New York belted out on race day at the Belmont, it's impossible not to be swept up by the last leg of the Triple Crown and horse racing in general.  From 50-1 underdog to consensus favourite, Mine That Bird and jockey Calvin Borel couldn't close the deal that would give Borel the unimaginable - 3 wins on two different horses.  He won the Kentucky Derby on Mine That Bird, the Preakness on super philly Rachel Alexandra, and went to the whip a hair early and was outlasted by Summer Bird in a stunning upset. 
Since one of my good friends horses was running in the first leg of the Canadian Triple Crown - The Woodbine Oaks - why not show my support for Milwaukee Appeal - a smallish horse from C.E.C Farms? that questioned the distance (1 1/8) and up against Tasty Temptation and hall of fame trainer Bob Baffert with Wynning Ride.  Stewart Elliot, a Derby and Preakness champion in 2004 aboard Smarty Jones was flown in and Chris Bosh (CB4) drew the 4 gate so pedigree and karma were both on side.  Appeal rolled in convincing fashion to take the $500,000 stakes race and while the George family purse was a bit bigger than my gut check $70 bet, it sure felt pretty nice once official.  The 4 to win baby.   That's why we love the ponies, even if only a few times a year.  The Queen's Plate runs June 21 and it hasn't been determined whether Appeal will run.  But if she does, bring it home George.  When you operate a sports site, you gotta give your boy some props.
George's father alongside APPEAL
Busy busy weekend and Tuesday in the sportsworld. 
Tiger comes from behind to win the Memorial.  Go figure.  Jenson Button passes pole sitter Sebastian Vettel in Turkey.  The Orlando Magic beat the Lakers 108-104 in Game 3.  Nobody wants a sweep.  Pittsburgh hangs on 2-1 against the Red Wings to set the stage for a classic Stanley Cup Game 7.  Brian Tallet pitches another gem to beat the first place Texas Rangers.  Another Jays starter from last year goes under the knife as Jesse Litsch is scheduled for Tommy John.  That's 4 out of 5 starters out from last season, normally impossible to overcome but the Jays hang in.
And since this website is told within the context of NHL Hockey and NFL Football inevitably coming to Southern Ontario, A Phoenix court told Bettman and Balsillie to come back later and start wrapping their massive brains around a potential relocation fee.  Dare we say 100 million?
Sportsnet called the bid for expansion in Southern Ontario - The Toronto Legacy - "the most boring nickname in the history of sports."
"Someone's going to get a team in Southern Ontario but I'd be shocked if it's this group."  Mike Brophy on the Legacy
The idea of hockey in Southern Ontario is "not going away," said Kypreos
In the meantime I'll take the Rams.  Does the Rogers partnership with the Buffalo Bills prevent a relocation like the Rams or Jags?
Once you read about our brand and the full story about the Toronto Beavers, is there really any other choice?  The most compelling new brand in sports franchises. 
If you don't think the Beaver is of any significance, check the tragic train derailment near the Ottawa River that experts believed was caused by a washout of 3 beaver dams in the area.  The Beaver, a national symbol, is considered by many as the most vital animal to the Canadian ecosystem.
"Name the one thing that you think is quintessentially Canadian?" asked George Strombo in a speed round on The Hour (CBC)
"THE BEAVER" in a word said actor Colin Mochrie. 
If you're interested in winning NHL playoff pools, The Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins have 12 players with 7 points or more.  The Chicago Blackhawks have 10 which might tell you something about next season.  Try a select players from the two Cup teams or final four at least and sprinkle in a few elite players from other teams who make it to two rounds minimum.  Ryan Getzlaf, Alex Ovechkin, Eric Staal, Nick Backstrom, Corey Perry, Alexander Semin, Marc Savard, and Michael Ryder have 13 points or more and currently sit in the top 20 in playoff scoring not from the 3 teams above.  If you think the Caps, Ducks, Hurricanes, and Bruins can finish in the top 4 or 8, than these players can help your squad.  Ryder was probably not high on anyone's list on draft day.  Never pick a player you love who's getting eliminated in the first round.  See Jerome Iginla the last 4 first round playoff exits.
Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has decided to be introduced by ESPN colourman Chris Berman at the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony in August.  Some fans might question this choice which obviously omits some of the great Bills players from their 4 Super Bowl defeats, namely Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and Thurman Thomas.  However, if Wilson is looking to gin up a fan base and create some much needed excitement specific to his small market team around the league, long-time Bills fan Berman is a solid pick.  If anyone's going to make the case for the historical significance of a tired Bills franchise and it's importance to the league, it's Woooop - Berman.
I'm wondering if the other famous and diehard Bills fan Tim Russert (Meet The Press) were still with us today, if he'd be the choice on Fame day?
After the tragic flight from Brazil to France that fell into the Atlantic Ocean and a similar tragedy over Buffalo, you can't blame Tony Kornheiser for stepping down from his Monday Night Football post for fear of flying.  Former Bucs coach John Gruden takes over and we'll miss the chemistry and lovefest between Tony and Jaws (Ron Jaworski). 
The Labour Day "Banjo Bowl" between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders sold out in 2 hours.  The CFL is strong in the rest of Canada but let's be honest regarding it's position in Ontario.  The NFL is not going away not matter how hard we legislate, block, or protect against it.  "It's inevitable," says Stephen Brunt.  Just like it's inevitable that another NHL hockey team is coming to Southern Ontario.  You can't suppress progress or the people for long especially in a democracy.  Canadians aren't likely to march like Tiananmen Square 20 years ago but they're not stupid either.  The next 5 years will seem much quicker than the last 40.  You have to consider when evaluating the temperature between CFL and NFL football in Ontario.  All those NFL fans who are starting to have young families will probably raise similar fans.  This is a generational problem for the CFL that could last 50 years before the cycle is broken. 
For those who think 300 wins after Randy Johnson beat the Nats will never be reached again by the modern day starting pitcher, think again.  Roy Halladay would need approx 15 wins over the next 10 season's to hit 300.  That puts him at 42.  We're programmed to think athletes run out of gas by their late thirties and they often do but a quick glance at other 300 game winners and the number of wins they had at 30 or 32 years of age and it's amazing what the stats tell you.  They certainly don't have the 140+ that Doc rolls with.   Assuming they stay relatively healthy, Halladay, Mark Buehrle, Johan Santana, and CC Sabathia are on point to hit the magical mark.  If not for a freak line drive of Halladay's foot, he looks durable as well.
Did anybody see the Spike Lee joint on Kobe Bryant.  It was ok.  Note to the NHL - hire a cool director, play some cool music (check with me first), and do the same thing.  How about the story of Sidney Crosby, Evegeni Malkin, and Jordan Stahl vs. Lidstron, Zetterberg, Datsuyk, and Franzen.  2 Canadians, 2 Russians, 3 Swedes, and multiple Stanley Cups.  The story - a global brand and the toughest trophy in the world to win.  Not to mention they had to go through the Blackhakws, Ducks, Caps to win.  Teams with young relevant stars of the future.
The Raps traded 3 point specialist Jason Kapono to the 76ers for inside presence Reggie Evans.  This deal regardless of whether it provides real impact is a no brainer based on the fact that Toronto needs a banger down low and have three other shooters - Calderon, Barnagni, and Parker - who can knock it down beyond the arc.  Kapono was disappointing and the Raps save cash here as well.  The most telling stat below -
Evans has ranked in the league's top 10 in rebounds per 48 minutes in each of the past six seasons. He finished seventh in the NBA in that category last season (15.3 rebounds per 48 minutes) and led the league in 2006-07 at 19.7.  As long he doesn't get in Bosh's way, sets a hard screen, and crashes the boards, this is a solid trade for Colangelo.  Looks good on paper.
No offence to Jim Hughson who took over officially for Bob Cole as the voice of the Stanley Cup Playoffs but I prefer the cadence and sound of Cole.  When I was a kid I used to fall asleep to his voice trying to stretch a few more minutes of  TV before bed.  Hughson on the other hand (also voice of NHLPA), I used to pass out on the couch after a crazy night with the Sega on demo, a joystick stuck in my ribs, and his voice on repeat.  Those were good times but I'll take the soothing rhythm of Cole nowadays over the intensity of Hughson. I could careless if the play by play mixes up Rob Scuderi with Ruslan Fedotenko or calls a penalty instead of icing.  I want it to sound good.  I want to sleep afterwards.
Have to admit I've been tuning into NBC instead of CBC for coverage if only to make sure the Americans are screwing with the resurgence of our game.  By most accounts "Doc" Emerick, Mike Milbury, and Pierre McGuire, when he's not overly "engaging," have done a good job.  I'll be watching to see if they can further improve and take coverage to another level.
So if the Detroit Red Wings win the Cup, my guess is Marion Hossa will take more money somewhere else when he's a UFA this summer.  But only if he wins the Cup.  It's conceivable he ends up in Pittsburgh assuming they find a way to find close to the money from their offer last summer when he bolted for the Wings.  Crosby needs a winger and while Kunitz and Guerin have been key additions, they're probably looking for a player with more creativity or more finish to match wits with Sid. 
Dany Heatley who just requested a trade might be the finisher they're looking for.  Although after expressing his unhappiness with new Senators coach Cory Clouston you have to question his request and loyalty. Clouston looks like a great coaching prospect in Ottawa.  Don't get it?  Sens win more games, Heatley complains.
I didn't realize Peter Sykora wasn't in the Pens lineup because he was scratched.  I thought he was hurt.
At the right price, does Hossa make sense in a Leafs jersey?  Probably not.  When a player will do whatever it takes to sign with a Cup contender and then takes the money after winning one (see this summer), you have to question his urgency moving forward especially on a Leafs team that lacks frontline skill.
Under The Radar - The Leafs signed 4th round draft choice Mikhail Stefanovich this week who some scouts believe was a steal.  The kid scored 49 goals this season in the Quebec Major Junior League under the watchful eye of coach Patrick Roy.  All these prospects Burke is stockpiling including several from the U.S. college ranks sound exciting but we'll see whether this is lipstick on a pig or "burgundy" lips on a really hot chick.
The Leafs need Jonas Gustavsson.  Burke just signed goaltending guru Francois Allaire from Anaheim.   It's not often you can sign a top goaltending prospect without having to draft him and at reasonable money before he's in the Toskala + contract status.  Schenn, "the monster", and the correct 1st round draft choice at forward and suddenly the Leafs have some building blocks.  Because you know when the right player comes along in free agency, the Leafs will throw some money around ... unless of course they spend it all suing Balsillie.
The Cut


Reasons to like F1 -  Jenson Button or any of the drivers girlfriends and wives hanging in the paddock with headphones and tight racing suits with zippers.  They refer to an athletes significant other in Britain as THE WAX.  Button has won 4 races to begin the season and the Brawn team looks to be the runaway favorite.  Barcelona's Circuit De Catalunya is known as a difficult track to pass and the poll typically wins the race.  So why do we bother if rubbin's not racing?  Fast cars, cool names, exotic locales, beautiful women, and piles of money.  Try googling Jenson Button's girlfriend and it's almost as good as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
The NHL might take a lesson from F1 and Europeon Soccer who market their athletes with flag, flair, and colour. 
Sports columnist Jay Mariotti says the NHL is "not positioned to take advantage of the surge in popularity" from this year's playoffs.  That's why there's blood in the water circling Gary Bettman - not because he loses a team potentially in Phoenix.  Sports leagues lose teams. 
Scott Walker did not receive a suspension for last night's sucker punch to Aaron Ward that may have broke his orbital bone.  The NHL has gotten of a few of these right, mainly the Mike Brown hit when Hudler was admiring his pass, but they've blown most of them.  How does Mike Cammalleri not get a game for a forearm shiver across Havlat's face, Avery for punching Varlamov in the head, and Walker for this one punch?  The NHL is totally asleep at the switch and you combine this with other blown calls by the refs and it's been too much of a piece of the playoff story.  They're lucky the hockey is good.  Honestly, it's like they've lost their balls.  They spend more time backpeddling than any other pro sports league.  Says Elliot Friedman, the players and coaches, "have no idea how the NHL disceplenary system works anymore."
Even though the Carolina Hurricanes were thumped by the Bruins this weekend, they've got Stanley Cup ilk with many of the same players and coaches from their last Cup run.  The Bruins will have needed  3 straight wins to take this series.
I can't even watch golf anymore.  Stenson shot a stunning round of 66 to win the Players Championsip but the commentary completely ruins it for me.  Johnny Miller is solid but after that it's tough to deal with the constant slurping.
Raptors coach Jay Triano was resigned to a 3 year contract extension.   They might have considered a veteran coach with pedigree after going with mostly unproven guys since their inception, Lenny Wilkens being the only established coach.  We're happy for Triano though.  Now it's Colangelo's job to get some players.
At one point Rick Adelman (Rockets) was available.
Did you catch Aaron Brooks at the post game press conference after he dropped 34 on the Lakers in a stunning victory minus Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady?  Rocket red jacket and oversized bow tie to match reminds us of Andre 3000.  "Get on down with ya bad self get on down." (Kenny Dope)
Lebron looked slick as well when he returned to Cleveland area highschool St. Vincent-St Mary's to accept his first MVP trophy. 
Steve Yzerman makes the list as modern and understated.
You read a top 10 best dressed athletes list and you get the same old story - Tom Brady, Alex Rodriguez, David Beckham, etc. but former Jets running back should be at the top of any list.  All class.  Dude how can you write about a best dressed list and keep a straight face?  See Jenson Button's girlfriend.
The Cut


Rosie Dimanno - "in the view of some, though, just a little less geeky and a whole lot more human, it's a misdemeanour at worst folks
medials journals show that more than 40% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once, including former President Bill Clinton.  It's an antiquarian law that needds correcting, not the behaviour of 100 million Americans."  That means like an antique if you're stoned.  The publics' response "one big shrug."
Jays - some people might not be worth the money they get, but we still have the same number - nine guys - that they have Litsch on Yankees etc.
Jason Blake (16 goals) is looking comfortable.  He's used to scoring points for losing teams (Isles)
contract expired Kellogg. economy Tiger, dropped Phelps, allows them to take the moral high ground when it's unlikely the bong had anything to do with it
Hines Ward has more touchdowns in the last 8 years than Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Randy Moss
Nadal broke the hard court seal with a five set victory against Roger Federer who was looking for his Sampra tying Slam.
Check out all the young coaches in the NFL.  Mike Tomlin is the youngest in Super Bowl history.  Raheem Morris (Bucs), Josh McDaniels (Broncos), Todd Haley (Chiefs) etc.  Don't forget wehn Theo Epstein took over the Boston Red Sox.  This is no longer a shocking story, it's a trend.  NFL/ESPN analyst Mort believes this closes the cultural gap
George St. Pierre demolished BJ Penn on Saturday night.  I've never seen one man take so many direct shots.  I'll be very surprised if Penn doesn't suffer from severe brain damage in future years.  All this fuss about fighting in hockey and you have UFC ...



Sample: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings -  Just Dropped In Remix
"Did Willie Nelson ever smoke weed in the Whitehouse?"  Strombo
Jimmy Carter who includes former sports purveyor Hunter S Thompson as a friend said, "
handling of Ricky Williams
only a few players each season and only a handful of recognizable players
Saturday Aug 15 for Woodstock's 40th anniversary ABC's Good Morning America, "nothing like marijuana and manure in the morning." referring to the most celebrated music/peace festival that was held on a cow patch in Bethel NY
I'm wondering if Goodell would sit in the same room with Brad Pitt, Presidant Jimmy Carter, or Dennis Hopper and laugh at all their jokes? "Sticks and stones and weed and bones."  M.I.A.
over at a comedy club called Vapor Control (Youngesterdam)
grwoing number of week dens (Nick Kyonka)
not your average comedy joint
"people smoke pot aren't so obnoxious," he suggests, "they don't really get rowdy, they get giggly, and then they have the munchies."  This unnamed source's partner is a crown attorney so he wouldn't provide his name
"Marijuana on 1 - Reefer on 2 - Hit me with a slant."  Dazed & Confused
New NHL commissioner Roger Goodell has been getting tough on crime and misdeamenours across the league with stiff penalties, fines, suspensions, conditions for reinstatement.  It would seem an NFL player or at least a Bengal gets whistled for break of conduct every week, an embarrasement that's relived again and again on talk radio and newspapers alike.  Of course we all remember the difficulties of star running back Ricky Williams who was banished to the CFL after testing positive for dope on multiple occasions.  He's finally back playing for the Miami Dolphins after four suspensions and it begs the question, is this the kinda guy we should be concerned about?
The NFL is one of the few leagues that tests and suspends for marijuana use.  We don't condone the use of marijuana or wish to get into an arguement about legalization but the penalty seems a tad harsh don't you think?
When's the last time you went to a bar after burning a joint and said, "ok let's go break some faces."  Alcohol is far greater a problem when it comes to violence and other criminal activities.  Marijuana is illegal.  There needs to be some form of repercussion in order to avoid chaos.  We can't have players showing up to practice with a bag of Cheetos and a case of the giggles, "Yo Coughlin (Tom/Giants) where'd you get those sneakers?"  "Did your wife press those pants?"  "I hear you coach, we need to get this film in but I'm going to take a little siesta so wake me up for the good parts."  Goodell has the right idea on domestic abuse, guns, dog fighting, etc. but it's time the league considered a softer stance on this particular issue.  Let's face it, we have reliable and upstanding citizens around the world who have or still smoke pot including lawyers, teachers, doctors, factory workers, athletes, business leaders, politicians, etc.  Time to get your head out of the sand and focus on the real issues. 
Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio argues Michael Phelps is more popular and relevant after he was caught smoking a bong with a group of university wingnuts.  Said the Herd, "he's (Phelps) more likable."
After a late night visit with Quinten Tarantino in order to woo Brad Pitt for Inglourios Basterds, Pitt addressed the carnage, "I saw five empty bottles of wine and something that resembled a smoking apparatus ... I don't know ... and apparently I agreed to do the movie.  It's hard to say really." - Toronto Sun
Emmy nominated TV show Weeds "is notable on may counts.  It ranks as the first prime time cable show that portray pot the way that millions of Americans perceive it - not that big of a deal." - Paper Magazine/Mark Fass
A recent poll in California claims 56% of voters are open to legalizing marijuana.  Ope to the idea Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger who's popularity is in serious decline amidst the states economic woes and insolvency says it's at least "time for debate." 52% of all Americans in Politico
The latest NFL casualty was 31 year old DE Shaun Ellis from the NY Jets who was suspended 1 game and fined 100K for marijuana possesion, speeding, and failing to produce insurance.  Again we agree with a suspension because otherwise you might promote chaos across the league.  In the NFL, 1 game missed in 16 is significant and can be the difference between a playoff spot.  However it gets a little radical after the first suspension.  Was it really necessary to banish Ricky from the league?  His new age yoga journey doesn't exactly put the civilian population in harms way.
"I find my mind in a brown paper bag but then ... tripped on a cloud and fell 8 miles high I told my mind on a jagged sky, I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in."  Kenny Rodgers
"Check ya later" - Slater/Dazed & Confused


The first question they ask me is what happens if they don't name the next NFL/NHL franchise the Toronto Beavers?  A fair and obvious question.  The Beavers is not exactly trendy or sexy or cool for that matter.  There's a good chance Toronto won't even be awarded it's own franchise.  Another fair observation. 
But if there is even a small chance in a billion dollar industry and you can't think of a better franchise name then it's worth a shot right?  It's obvious the city of Toronto could support an NFL team or another NHL team.  The Beavers is iconic, it's Canada's national animal, and when combined with a stadium called the Beaver Dam, it starts to feel compelling.  It's start to feel like the right fit.  It starts to feel like an exciting brand that Canadians can be proud of.  It starts to feel like a team.
As it stands presently the Toronto Beavers is simply a metaphor for bold ideas and ....
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