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MAROONED ON A DESERTED ISLAND (with your favorite athletes and some sports equipment)

...and only a few items of sports equipment
What gives you the best chance for survival?
David Beckman, Lebron James, or Brooklyn Decker?

If you were ship wrecked on a deserted island with only a few pieces of sports equipment (football, baseball gloves, bocce, driver, pitching wedge, bucket of balls, hockey nets, etc.) - which athletes would you want to get stuck with?
Please send your ideas to
1. Steve Nash - the intellectual athlete and one of the most creative basketball point guards of all time, Nash plays any sport well.  Kicking the soccer ball around, hackey sack, all terrain bocce, horse shoes, fly football patterns - no problems for Nash.  Good clean fun.  He'll keep the conversation going nightly by the fire on politics, world events, entrepreneurial projets, film production, philanthrophy, etc.   Most importantly, Nash presents our best chance of devising crafty ways to sustain our crew on the island.  Versatile, eclectic, sharp, team first, and a bit of comedian to keep the mood light.  Plus we think he steps in on any Lord of the Flies shenanigans as cooler heads prevail before we start eating each other.  The brains of the operation.
2. Jimmy Rollins - the chatty second baseman from the World Series champion Philedelphia Phillies, Rollins helps keep the conversation going when spirits are down.  Plus, nothing like a game of 500 up.
3. Tom Brady - if I had 3 wishes, I want to be Tom Brady!  Oops wrong game.  The dashing Brady no doubt will go down as the NFL's greatest quarterback.  If anything at all from being alongside Brady rubs off on me and we're finally saved, I'm a better man for it.  Vote for Obama?  Vote for Tom Brady.
3. Michael Phelps - not sold on this choice but we need a swimmer to harpoon fish, scare away sharks, and sniff out the weed on the island.  No four game suspensions or bad pub out here boys.  Phelps is still young and unproven as a charismatic sports personality.  He might miss his Mom.  Hope he brings boarder shorts.  No Speedo's allowed on the island.
4. Wayne Gretzky - only the greatest hockey player in history, Gretz has managed to stay above the fray on a host of controversial NHL issues.  Let's ask him what he really thinks.  A respect pick.  You get the feeling the Great One knows how to rip it up when the camera's aren't rolling?
5. Lebron James - need some muscle for building shelter, gathering firewood, and hunting boar.  The chiseled power guard appears to be a team player for this daunting but super fun circumstance.  Plus we can ask him if he's going to the Knicks?  We can build a net out of bamboo and drift wood and drain coconuts.  In yo face.
6. Michael Strahan - need  some additional muscle for the heavy lifting so might as well be Strahan, the toothy  defensive end with a great sense of humour.  Outside chance I can out run him on a fly pattern shagging footballs on the beach.  He might tire with too much sun.  "I need a soldier in here, where they at where they at?"  Destiny's Child.
7. Angel Cabrera - You're thinking Tiger Woods here aren't ya?  Since we're stuck on this god forsakin island, might as well get a golf lesson in.  We're choosing Cabrera, salt of the earth, man of the people, two Major championships, and hitting golf balls into the cove is timeless fun.   We'll get Phelps to swim out and retrieve the balls.  Hopefully Cabrera brought stogies.
8. Brooklyn Decker - She's not exactly a professional athlete but the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, wife of American tennis sensation Andy Roddick, and co-host of Dr. Z's weekly NFL picks is the overwhelming choice for this make believe game.  A guy's girl that won't be out of place mucking it up with the boys.   Since this writer has no shot amongst these wealthy world class athletes, we've decided to multiply here by 8.  I'm in.  Version 6 cut her leg on the reef swimming in to shore so I'll take the one with the limp.  Thank me later boys. Honourable mention goes to brown bodied tennis darling Ana Ivanovic. 
9. Mike Perham - at 17, he's the youngest person to sail solo around the world.  Talk about a death wish.  It's a stretch to consider him an athlete but he could probably roll in the America's Cup.  If we build a boat out of leaves and sticks, someone's got to get us home.
Which athletes would you push out to sea?
1. Andy Roddick - We really like Roddick but for obvious reasons, we've got to push this tennis ace out to sea.  Sorry brother.  "Andy grab onto my hand.  You're sliiiiiiipping.  Annnnnnndy."  It's Brooklyn Decker or Roddick?  A no brainer.  Let's not complicate things.  We don't need a team member having a hissy fit, climbing up the cliff top, and eating wild mushrooms." 
2. Chad Johnson - Ocho Stinko thinks he's way funnier than he really is.  Most of his jokes are ?.  The Bengals suck.  And where's he going to request a trade?  We're stuck on a freakin island.  "The tribe has spoken."  (Survivor)
3. Sean Avery - a lightening rod for trouble, this is the last athelete we need with real lightening and monsoon weather overhead.  Bad Vibes. The moody misrable bastard of a hockey agitator has some interesting opinions if positioned properly.  They might even make a little sense.   We can't take the risk.  Diplomacy is not his best quality.  Plus waving your arms in hysteria while King James is shooting on me gets on my last nerve. Yo Stra (Strahan) time to punch Avery out.  Positive Avery will try to cut my grass with Decker.
4. Gary Bettman - the worst commissioner in pro sports, either we push him out to sea or tie him up and give him a lesson in sports marketing.  Despite his critics Bettman has done many great things for hockey but his approval rating amongst the fans - those people who propel a brand forward - non-existent.  Something has got to give.  Hope you can swim?
5. Plaxico Burress - leave your gun at home, there isn't a band of murderous tribal club goers out this way.  Just an acoustic guitar and a campfire.  Lebron can remix the Young Jezzy.  Unplug Plaxico.
6. David Beckham - it might be fun kicking the soccer ball around the beach with pretty boy Beckham but he wouldn't last a second without Victoria and the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  Feed him to the wolves, you're fragrance is attracting mosquitos.
7. Jimmy Fallon - Alright alright he's not exactly an athlete but you get the point. The unfunny funnyman has got to go. The Roots can stay.



The Toronto Beavers might not be the sexiest, trendiest, or coolest franchise name - it's definitely iconic as Canada's national animal. Combine this with an NFL stadium called The Beaver Dam and you've got yourself a viable brand a city and nation can be proud of. Here's a list of the worst team names in sports:

1. Utah Jazz - Sorry but I'm not hitting the jazz clubs in Utah, maybe bible studies.  Great coach (Jerry Sloan) and bad uniforms. 

2. Arizona Cardinals - Pretty little birds and football?  This year's Super Bowl bid saved them from total obscurity.  Give them credit for an incredible stadium and almost winning an NFL championship.

3. Miami Dolphins - it's tough to consider any other name since this team has a storied history, but teal colours and squeaky cute mammal makes for wimpy logo and uniforms, hate to be a fan and have to wear this gear.  It's not like you can put gnarley teeth on a dolphin.

4. Anaheim Ducks (formely Mighty Ducks) - brutal, if any team should flat out go in a new direction, it's this team. Hollywood makes some bad movies and this one gets two thumbs down.  I can see the meeting now, top priority, let's change the name from Mighty Ducks to the Ducks, brilliant, everyone go home early.  Snoop Dawg, D Cap, Jack, Halle Berry - they can't be excited about this.  The Raiders suck but at least they have cool jersey's. (See the full story in NHL Gamestate)

5. Las Vegas 51's - the new Jays farm team. I'm sorry but this means nothing to a Jays fan, maybe its not supposed too?  Vegas doesn't yet have a professional sports franchise, note to the NHL, if they get there first, don't call them the 51's.

6. New York Islanders - Go Fish is a great game as well.  I'm still trying to figure out their logo change.  Arhhhhhhh captain.  They just signed 2 more goalies to join the holy grail Rick Dipietro.  We're thinking all white uniforms like P Diddy's beach parties.  The Lighthouse Project will help, we'll give them that.

7. Seattle Mariners - guess we need a history lesson but say what?  Ships are outski.

8. Los Angelos Clippers - ships and trains out like the velcro shoe.  It's all about the hybrid.

9. New Jersey Nets - move it to Brooklyn says Jay Z and change your name well you're at it.   The New Jersey Chrome Microphones

10. Charlotte Bobcats - not entirely offensive but can't we do better?  What's a Bobcat?  Is it even a real animal?  Dudes don't like cats anyways. 

11. Toronto Argo's (Argonauts) - can't compete with the NFL with a name like this.  The baby blue is as bland as the Skydome (Rogers Centre).  Any word that ends in nauts creeps me out - eg wil-nauts

12. BMO Field - ok it's not a team name but it's really boring. I bet they ran a focus group for this little gem.

13. Tampa Bay Rays (formerly Devil Rays) - it rhymes I guess but they go from dangerous sea creature to sunny skies. What about the TB Rainmakers (see World Series)? "Better grab an umbrella, I make it rain" - Young Jeezy or Pacman Jones

14. Chicago Cubs - cursed with a cute name.  Great fans, great ballpark.   Fall futility

15. Ottawa Senators - They sit around, yell across the aisle on boring issues that never get solved. Perfect name for a hockey team. The NHL consistenly puts forth the weakest effort in branding and marketing
16. Oakland Athletics - suicide green uniforms and an elephant balancing on a baseball ... swinging a bat?  Perplexing.  There's a story behind the elephant of course but I won't bother you by it.  Is it that an elephant performing such dexterous acts is uniquely athletic.  "You're all ... a bunch of circus animals."  Ocean's Eleven - Casey Affleck
Then again, what the "henke" is a Terrapin?  It's a turtle.  "I don't want you guys using words around me that don't mean anything."  The Fugitive
Cut By The Ghost


Serpentine Gallery Pavilion:
The Frank Gehry Production looks like a Beaver Dam???

They say the Royal Conservatory of Music is the final jewel in Toronto's cultural renaissance?  Not os fast.  To suggest a finality in what deserves to be a lifelong ? of a world class city
The Consevatory is both intimate and impressive
For the longest time in our great city of Toronto, the architecture was in a word - underwhelming.  That's not to say their weren't some impressive buildings but the poor volunteers doing the architecture tours were probably pulling their gum and kicking the sidewalk and hoping it rained over waxing inspirational fairy tales of a world class city.  Those days are officially over.  Powerful and iconic architecture changes everything.  It takes a lot of things to make a world class city and Toronto has a long way to go still, transit and waterfront improvements quickly come to mind, but if you can't look at a city and say it looks cool , why would you want to go there.  Sweeping down the Gardiner with the Lake on the right and the CN Tower still gives this writer a charge
It's true that the art aficiano might consider NFL football as frivolous and vulgar.  Not so fast again.  There are plenty of opportunities to build that has to be big, expensive, and
undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefinedFriday's opening brings to a conclusion Toronto's cultural renaissance set off seven years ago by a group of SuperBuild projects jointly funded by the governments of Ontario and Canada. We've already celebrated the openings of the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, the spruced-up National Ballet School, the renovated Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art and the much-ballyhooed expansions of the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario by celebrity architects Daniel Libeskind and Frank Gehry."  Knelman
Said urban analyst Christopher Hume, "architecture is back after an absence of what seems like decades. Thanks to the so called cultural renaissance, some of the best known architects in the world have made significant contributions to the skyline."
Dalls Cowboys stadium
Brad Pitt
"work within the limits of what scoiety will accept."  Will Alsop
what's possible for the next genration of future architects
Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Henry Moore (City Hall), Will Alsop (flying tabletop OCAD), Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg KPMB, Norman Foster, Arthur Erickson
Torontonians dreaming big
There's people out there who believe in opera houses, believe in art galleries."  Michael Grange
culture purveyor Martin Knelman
"During it's opening week, an astonishing 68000 people walked through the new entrance of Frank Gehry's reinvented Art Galley of Ontario. And the verdict is close to unanimous. Of all the Arts buildings that have emerged during this decade of Toronto's cultural renaissance, the AGO is the one that has truly made the town dizzy with delight."
Greg Sorbara, the former Ontario finance minister whose current mission is to revitalizethe province's tourist industry,"....
Sorbara responded to the AGO, they "could be signature icons - as clearly identified with Toronto as the CN Tower.
Martin - "when you put all these pieces together, it becomes obvious that even as other industries crumble, creativity and knowledge are the engines that keep Toronto buzzing."
What next? Despite a looming recession, we need to extend the cultural renaissance into the second decade of the century. This is not the moment to say Enough." We couldn't agree more Mr. Knelman. The Toronto Beavers and the Beaver Dam is not exactly high culture. But boy would it be impressive. There's no greater image than the greatest athletes and fans rushing a stadium on Gameday built by one of the greatest architects of our time. Another bold statement and cementing Toronto as a world class city. The other sports franchises and cultural buildings will step up their game even further.
Says cultural enthusiast Martin Knelman, "what we don't have is any one building comparable to the Guggenheim of Bilbao or the Sydney Opera House."  We do however have "a cluster of cultural goodies." that make this city inceasingly intriguing. The Beaver Dam might fit this cluster?
Welcome to Toronto.  A World class city. Open for business. Tourists welcome.


Can you think of a better game than this? Here's our Dream Team for the Toronto Beavers Cheerleader Squad. Gooooo Beavers. Send your Dream Team to
Check the full story on our Cheerleaders page for Sleepers, Stars, Captains, & Athletes

Please send your DREAM TEAM to
See each DREAM TEAM selection individually by scrolling TORONTO BEAVERS Cheerleaders Page
1. Beyonce
2. Ashley Judd
3. Jessica Alba
1. Ana Ivanovic
2. Brooklyn Decker
3. Katie Shean
4. Shannon Elizabeth
5. Natalli Reznik
1. Lindsay Lohan
2. Charlize Theron
3. Giselle
4. Halle Berry
5. Penelope Cruz
1. Evan Rachel Wood
2. Diane Kruger
3. Anne Hathaway
4. Kristen Stewart
5. Rachel Bilson
6. Amy Smart
7. Campbell Brown
8. Marisa Tomei
1. Elisha Cuthbert
2. Shania Twain
3. Jessica Stam
SEND YOUR DREAM TEAM to info@torontobeavers. com

MUSIC & SPORTS - Why Make The Connection?


Every week Sunday NFL Countdown shows an NFL stud entering the tunnel on Gameday

Tom Brady, Knoshown Moreno, Brian Urlacher, Ocho Cinqo, and even Brett Favre or Chad Pennington. I don't know about you but I don't picture Pennington on his diamond tipped twin hun-eys

Have an eye on pretty much any professional sports league and watch the players warm up, get hyped, and get focused with the headphones blazing. Lebron James, Alex Ovechkin, or - it's a staple

Check for the champion sound

Pic by Heavyweight Art -

walking off the plane

"He walked into the dressing room, said where's the music, and fired it up." Ron Wilson on Phaneuf


Oh the good ol' hockey game, it's the best game you can play."

Big L quote

stark contrast


"The surgeon general says this is devastating to your ear." - Quasimoto/Madlib


I brought him in to help develop our sound."

Y'Know he's white right?

"No he's light skinned."

Undeniable power of hip hop

Taylor Swift or Kanye west?

"The fight isn't over whether you're alternative or mainstream. It's how do you tune the mainstream to a different frequency? I don't think you beat the system. You eat the system." M.I.A. GQ Magazine

If you're questioning the power of hip hop look no further than Jay-Z's Blueprint hitting #1 in both Canada and the U.S. in it's debut.

Whether it's Alex Ovechkin lacing up his skates before the puck drops, Brian Urlacher entering the tunnel on Gameday or King James warming up with Jay Z courtside, the athletes simply don't roll without their music....

This year's opener to the NFL season showed Brett Favre and Chad Pennington entering Cleveland Browns stadium and ? respectively. Not sure what these guys are listening too but it's all good

"There are a million ways to kill a champion sound" Nextmen

At least cut that shit up. Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, rraarraaraise a little hhhhhhell.

Any young person who happened to stumble across the Def Leppard/Alanis performance , lost all street credibility, in Detroit no less

The best shows highlight areas of interest that target the lifestyle of the athlete and the young people who admire them. Want to be like Mike - Nike

Jim Rome intro and outro's with DJ Premier (one half of Gangstarr), Beastie Boys, and Guns & Roses. Hip hop, funk, rock n roll.

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