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Are the TORONTO BEAVERS for real?
Not yet.  This is an unofficial football and hockey team website.
Why call a new NFL Football team the Toronto Beavers?  What's with the name?
It's not sexy, trendy, or even cool for that matter.  But when you break it down, the Beavers is the best choice for the right reasons.  It's iconic.  It's Canadian.  It's a national symbol.  The Beavers makes sense.  We're bringing respect back to one of Canada's greatest and most vital animals.  It's tough, resilient, and ready to win football games.  It's a team name Canadians can be proud of.  We understand fans have different favourite animals just like we have different favourite colours and foods but the Beavers is the most compelling story when our time finally arrives.  Help us design the logo, help us design the jersey's, help us wear Beaver Fever proud.  We've waited too long for NFL Football in Canada
What's with the stadium?
The Beaver Dam is a proud slice of Canadiana. Our mock up features giant Canadian timbers which form a majestic archway across the front facade just like a beaver lodge.  Here the fans can enter the stadium and begin to feel the Toronto Beaver experience.  A slice of the Canadian outdoors against a canvas of a world class city.  Once you enter the front doors, you'll be greeted by spectacular beaver aquariums on each side and our national animal in it's element.  From here, we leave it in the hands of a world class architect carefully veted by it's builders and fans.  The Dam will join our greatest architectural achievements such as the AGO, Skydome, CN Tower, and TD Centre.  The best stadium names are the ones with nicknames like The Big House, The Igloo, The Shark Tank, or The ?, etc.  We believe the Beaver Dam goes down like these as among the great names in sports stadiums.
What's up with the music?   
"The fight insen't over whether you're alternative or mainstream.  It's how do you tune the mainstream to a different frequency?  I don't think you beat the system.  You eat the system." - M.I.A. GQ
Often times you see an athlete warming up, walking through the tunnel or stadium on Gameday, training, or relaxing at home, etc. and listening to music.  It's the hype and one of our favourite hobbies.  We like this connection between music and sports.  We believe it elevates our content and makes sports writing more interesting.  Athletes and fans can utilize our site to learn about music as well as sports.  We have a music collection that rivals any world class DJ and we intend on putting it to use.  We don't recycle standard tracks or linger in one musical genre, stuff that's overplayed.  Sure, we'll play some favourites.  Some classic rock n roll, metal, club joints, etc; however, since this website is about the future, we're bringing it future type.  This is a website for athletes who like music.
How is the content different from any other sports site?
Do you realize not one major newspaper circulating in the GTA employs a sports writer who accurately represents our demographic (dudes 16-35 who love sports).   They say never mess with a man's car.  Never mess with a man's sports section.  The Toronto Beavers write about stats, gameday action, and lots of the stuff you'll read in a sports section.  But we try to bring a unique perspective, one that considers our demographic, lifestyle, and interests including music, entertainment, professional development, culture, sex, travel, etc. - all within the context of sports.  It's a different style. We're living and writing it.  We speak the athletes language.
What about the Buffalo Bills?  Are they going to lose there team to Toronto?
We hope not!  We are fans of the Buffalo Bills.  We go to games every year and root for their team.  We watch their games on TV every Sunday.  We hope they win a Super Bowl.  The Toronto Beavers would like to one day play games against the Bills and form a natural rivalry.  The Bills are too important to the history of the NFL.  We don't want their team.  We want our own.  Let's face it, the fans in Buffalo aren't going to let their team walk away without a fight.  They're going to step up like they already have this season.  Sure the economy in Buffalo needs reform.  But so do other cities.  Professional sports leagues have a history of stripping teams from cities only to return there later.  The Toronto Beavers and Buffalo Bills can work together.
What about the CFL?
The CFL is a great Canadian tradition and professional sports league.  For all kinds of reasons which we talk discuss on the website, the CFL has tremendous value to this country.  Athletes playing high quality football.   However, the CFL would be wise to abandon certain talking points.  They need to stay on message.  3 down vs. 4 down is not going to get it done under any circumstance.  The CFL is a better game, says analyst Jacque Climie, NFL fans are "duped by the hype."  That's not going to get it done either.  They might focus on lower average ticket prices, heated Provincial rivalries, storied history, and athletes making plays.  Talking points that make sense.  There are other ideas and strategies that can work but we'll leave this to the experts.  The CFL is a force in other provinces so let's not forget it's viability just because we live in Toronto.   Frankly, the last thing the NFL wants to do is negatively impact the CFL.  That's not the kind of goodwill they're looking for.  To be able to play the game you love for a living is a tremendous opportunity and whether you're an NFL fan, a CFL fan, or both, these leagues should be respected and enjoyed for their similarities and differences.  
Do you really believe Canada will ever get an NFL team.
Absolutely.  Canada is represented in every major sports league except the NFL.  Toronto is the 4th largest market in North America.  Canada has been supporting the NFL for over 30 years.  We're starting to take it personally. 
What's with the navigation bar and Expand button?
The TOP navigation bar resembles a real sports franchise as if you we're surfing the Toronto Maple Leafs or Dallas Cowboys.  This includes Gameday and Fantasy action, stadium information, a cheerleading squad, Fanzone, etc.  Since the Toronto Beavers cannot sell tickets yet or field real players, it behaves a little differentl. We've tried to make it fun and interactive so have a look.  Most importantly, you'll find the Toronto Beavers story, how and why it came to being.
The LEFT navigation bar focuses on creative writing in sports and entertainment so fans and athletes keep coming back for unique content.
The EXPAND always tells the Toronto Beavers story with one touch of a button
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